Torque, a painting installation, was created in a frame of duo show Fields at Wschód Gallery:

Karolina Bielawska, Matthew Peers

Fields, Wschód Gallery, Warsaw

13.02 – 20.03.2021

“Karolina Bielawska’s practice is charged with meditative meticulousness and diverse abstract impressions. Artist’s paintings offer ambiguous narrative figures – geometrical lines, marks, biomorphic, asymmetric shapes, which very often conjure up painterly installations.

Matthew Peer’s objects, composed of everyday materials, incorporate models and patterns found in architectural surroundings. By cutting, cropping, rotating elements of found cardboards and crafts boards the artist is constructing a hand-crafted elusive and abstract sculptural forms, which employ improvisation as a working means.

Presented in the exhibition, a painting installation by Bielawska and sculptures by Peers do seem to have at least two aspects in common: irregularity and repetitiveness embedded in vividly discernable patterns.

Fields is a first and the last duo presentation by these artists at Wschód, Warsaw.”

Text excerpt by Piotr Drewko, 2021

Documentation of the exhibition on view [here]